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Pay Per Click Advertisitng

PPC (Pay Per Click) is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads. There are different types of PPC ads, but one of the most common types is the paid search ad. These ads appear when people search for things online using a search engine like Google – especially when they are performing commercial searches, meaning that they’re looking for something to buy.  

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Target your ads

Targeting gives you the ability to show your ads to reach people with specific interests — namely, people who are interested in your products and services — and show them relevant ads. Google Ads offers the following choices with online ads that can make your marketing campaigns even more targeted: Keywords, geolocation, age, gender, frequency and devices.

Control your budget

Winning a click can cost some businesses hundreds of dollars. But most keywords don’t cost so much. And even if they do, an advantage to using Ads is able to put constraints on your daily budget, maximum bids, and more. That way, you can be confident that even if you’re not monitoring your account every day, you’ll never spend more than you want to.

Quicker results than SEO

Search engine optimization is still the backbone of most highly visited sites. The posts and pages you see on page one aren’t just well-written with carefully researched keywords; they’re also on sites that have amassed a large number of backlinks over time (still the number one ranking factor for web pages). It can be years before you get to see one of your own pages in the coveted first position for a broad keyword search term. When you get started with Google Ads, though, your chance of jumping in front of all the organic results on a search engine results page grows exponentially, as you’re paying Google to appear before the organic results.

Create synergy with SEO

Online marketing works best when there’s a cohesive, integrated strategy, and everyone is working closely together towards a set of goals.If you already have a SEO optimized website, with great content and the right technical settings, your visitors from Google Ads will more easily become attracted to your website, since your content is gold for them. While ads provide short term visitors to your website, SEO makes them recurring visitors and, after a visit or two, fresh leads.