5 Major Tips To Build Your Brand’s Digital Presence

Have you bought anything online in the past six months? If so, then you’re part of a dramatic and everlasting global change in digital consumer behavior. Since before the Covid-19 pandemic, internet shopping has been growing in numbers and complexity as every brand is stepping up their game on digital presence to meet consumer’s changing habits and get a piece of the pie.

A brand’s digital presence is made of how and where your business appears online. It may be a combination of various components like your brand’s website, social media profiles, original content on a blog, customer reviews, and advertising on Google’s search results pages.

In this post, we’ll be looking at 5 major changes you can make to your brand’s digital presence to meet online customer’s newfound criteria.

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Rebranding for the Digital Market

It’s commonplace for businesses to rethink what they expect from their brand when entering new digital spaces. If you have an older business with some years under its belt, you might consider changing an outdated logo or even your company name. 

This process is called Rebranding and consists of gathering info on what your brand is (upon researching your current services, customer relationship, and stakeholders feedback) and projecting your business into the future, to find out what you want it to be. 

By the end of a rebranding process, you’ll have a new visual identity for your business that reflects the new beliefs and goals of your company. This innovative identity may include a new logo, with new colors, fonts, and creative ways to use it on different media, be it online or offline.

Now that we have our look for these digital times, let’s get down to building your brand’s digital presence.


Data-Driven Decision Making

It’s easy to get lost with the wide range of options that digital marketing offers companies these days. If new to this digital marketing world, it can be difficult to prioritize tools for a digital strategy. 

In these cases, many businesses make decisions based on intuition or misconceptions about the reality of the digital market. The thing is, when working with digital marketing, you need to get your data right. Ultimately, data is what will drive success for your business online – so let’s get some trustworthy data to back up our thought process here.

A survey by PwC (June 2021) has shown that consumers’ shift to digital has accelerated dramatically, with shopping via smartphone reaching almost 40% of online purchases in the USA. This is very true for people who started working from home, as they see great value in a fast and reliable delivery from digital companies.

Considering those numbers, it’s safe to say that you want to provide online products/services for your customers. Although there are indeed many different ways to break into the digital market, you can never go wrong with building your brand’s own website. 


Build your brand’s official website

Having a website makes your brand feel more “official” as it gives plenty of room to implement any digital marketing strategy to jumpstart your company. Think of it as owning a private home where you can customize your brand’s content to match your client’s expectations and guide them through the customer journey. 

Web Development and Web Design are words that go together well for businesses that understand the benefits of creating a website. With customized looks and integrated features, you can optimize your user experience to help your customers find relevant information on your services, learn about what your brand stands for, and make a conscious purchase.


Raise your Local Business Flag

During the pandemic, 47% of customers started exploring their communities with renewed interest, ordering food from local restaurants and buying groceries in a socially distanced way. It goes without saying that the feeling of consumer satisfaction goes a long way when you find a local service or product that delivers exactly what you need in an informative and reliable user experience. 

So, even if you are a small business owner, there is still value in leveraging your digital platforms. People love to get curated information about their communities, such as local events and places to visit, and with consumers prioritizing shopping locally, now is the time for small businesses to invest in user-friendly digital platforms.

Building a website for your local business is a great opportunity for digital brands that value their local customers, as they can benefit greatly from local SEO tactics. It is a sure-fire way to drive long-term organic traffic and customer reviews to your website so it can rank higher on Google’s result pages.


Build a Reputation on Social Media

You rebranded your company, created your website, and have been getting constant new traffic and feedback from new and recurring visitors online. Now it’s time to spread the word and build that reputation outside your company’s web pages.

Social media is the apple of any entrepreneur’s eye as it’s the #1 channel used in marketing in 2021. 8 out of 10 companies have invested in social media marketing in the past year, and they have a pretty darn good reason to.

Social media networks provide an optimal space for customers to talk to your brand, give meaningful feedback on the quality of your service, and tell you how they feel about their interactions with your brand. If you’re still not aboard the Social Media Marketing ship, keep in mind that a satisfied customer will not only buy from you a second time, but will also recommend your company to their friends and family.

By establishing a direct relationship with your social media audience, you’ll learn exactly how to support, engage with, and convert them into loyal brand advocates.



As the famous Bob Dylan once said, the times are a-changin. Any entrepreneur that wants to keep up with these rapid shifts in consumer behavior cannot ignore the power of digital marketing. 

To build a digital presence is a continuous task, one that requires time and clarity. The best way to achieve this clarity is through data-driven decision-making. So, go after trustworthy research on the subjects you want to better understand; Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Media, Social Media…

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a business team, be mindful that having an online presence is, now, more than ever, a necessity. There is a lot of ground to cover and if you are not focused on your objectives it’s easy to get lost. 

If you don’t know how to begin, give us a call! We are SomneoX, a digital marketing startup with experience in kicking off local businesses’ online presences and curating personalized digital marketing strategies. Let us help you Soar!

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