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Watch your company soar with SomneoX​

We offer all the services that your company needs to reach your goals by growing your digital presence.

Strategy & Planning​

We are committed to understanding your business and applying the knowledge of our experts to develop your digital presence.

Design & Development

Having a digital presence is all about delivering relevant content and information to your users. ​

Digital Marketing​

Social Media acts as a bridge, not only among friends and family but also between businesses and their target market.

When we talk about Digital Marketing, we immediately think of big agencies, crazy formulas and many appealing promises. Promises that when put into practice do not live up to the hype!

At Somneox we know that every market is different. We truly emphasize the importance of understanding the space our clients work in before diving in and making any promises.
Our approach to understanding niche markets and developing a wholistic and personalized marketing strategy for our clients is what makes us stand out. With our help, you too can watch your business soar! 

What we do

Check out our services that will help you grow your business

Web Design

Every company needs a beautiful 100% responsive website


We are focused on generating qualified visits and increasing your sales

Logo & Brand Design

Let’s create graphics that tell a story about your company

Social Media Management

Delivering good content for your client is the way for making them stay

Google ADS

Delivering highly targeted web traffic to your site is our expertise

Sales Funnel

Integrate your social media content with a sales funnel campaign to attract your audience

Meet the team

Know who is behind SomneoX

Gabriela Passos

Operations & Content Consultant

Operations Consultant with experience in optimising business processes, data analytics, and front-office and back-office initiatives. In charge of coordinating day to day operations of Somneox and working with the Creative team to meet deadlines and present clients with final designs and marketing strategies. Enjoys road tripping around the US and meeting fellow entrepreneurs in their quest to reach their business goals. 

Caio Theodoro

Marketing Consultant

Marketing enthusiast with experience in Social Media, Digital Marketing, Media Planning and Graphic Design. Enjoys supporting and inspiring people around to be the best that they can be. Always curious, with a strong desire to learn and build a bigger knowledge base.

Bruno Madeira

Web Developer

8 years of experience in both digital marketing and eCommerce. Loves drawing project screens and helping customers and co-workers. Highly self-managing, adaptable, and disciplined with an entrepreneurial spirit. In his free time likes to roller skate and enjoys connecting with nature.

Igor Marques

Web Designer

Graphic designer with experience in social media, logo creation and 3D animation. Enjoys working as a team with his co-workers and learning from them. Loves pop culture, music and movies.